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Swim with Dolphins Bali & Dolphin Interaction

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This Swim with dolphin bali program that includes Swimming with Dolphin, embracing gentle hugs by dolphins, sharing joyful kisses, and engaging in unforgettable interactions.

swim with dolphin bali program

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Get up close and personal with these enchanting marine mammals through our Swim with Dolphins Bali Program. Let’s interact with dolphins then creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our program offers a unique opportunity to observe and interact with dolphins in a responsible and ethical manner. Learn about these intelligent creatures from dedicated to their conservation and well-being.

The Dolphin Interaction Program takes place in a Ex-Situ environment, where dolphins get a animal welfare here. You’ll have the opportunity to witness these graceful creatures up close, communicate with each other.

You may have the chance to swim alongside the dolphins even participate in fun and educational activities. You’ll be amazed by their intelligence, and playful nature as they interact with you and each other, creating unforgettable memories.

This program is educate guests about the importance of conservation and responsible interaction with marine life. Our guides will provide valuable insights into the dolphins’ behavior and the challenges they face in the wild.

Immerse yourself in the Swim with Dolphins Bali Program. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the dolphins’ significance in the ecosystem and the need to conserve their natural habitat.

With safety as our top priority, our Swim with Dolphins Bali Program follows ethical guidelines and practices to ensure the well-being of the dolphins and the participants. We strive to provide a responsible and educational experience that promotes conservation and appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

Our Swim with Dolphins Bali Program is a must-try experience. Book your program now and get ready for an extraordinary encounter with these captivating marine mammals!

Dolphin Interaction

Discovery+ (Swim with Dolphin), Discovery (Swim with Dolphin), Encounter, Explorer


Adult (>12 y.o), Child (1-12 y.o)


10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00

1 review for Swim with Dolphins Bali & Dolphin Interaction

  1. Citra

    Dream come true, swim with dolphin ❤️

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